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Analytics forms the basis of Intellectual Property. This is the fundamental step towards a better and economical IP strategy. Understanding what is available is most important step towards building a successful IP portfolio. With the ever-growing needs in Intellectual Property and the ever-increasing competition, clients are left wanting to identify their correct IP and the best way to protect and make us of it. Any kind of IP is important in today’s world. With the cut throat competition in market, each and every company is trying to gain an edge over its competitors. Although being an intangible product, its results are very much tangible.

We understand our perplexed customers. We identify their needs, their own IP and make them aware of it. With our advice, customers are at ease and worry free. We work with them and hand hold them in their beginning steps. We understand, it’s not easy to understand this business. Our unique legal techno blend helps in IP analytics for every IP and within the legal scope.

For Patents

  • Patentability/Novelty Analysis: Analysing the probability that an invention disclosure is patentable is very important. As patents are generally costly affairs, we provide best quality patentable/novelty analysis. Combining patent law knowledge of various geographies with our technical expertise, we provide thorough and a comprehensive patentability analysis to our clients. Using some of the best paid databases, we provide patentability analysis in languages other than English as well. The reports can be customised based on clients’ preferences as well.
  • Patent Invalidity/Validity Searches: Planning to buy a patent portfolio? Or want to evaluate your own portfolio? We have you covered. Our technical and industry experts are highly trained to perform patent validity/invalidity searches. We perform all patent searches in best in the industry databases covering patent records of more than 100 countries. Customised deliverables and timely delivery is the essence of our service delivery. We work in close association with our clients to perform these projects in an expected manner as that of the client. Contact us today for a quote.
  • Technological Landscapes/ White Space Analysis: For technological companies, before getting into a patent space, it is better to understand the technological level or extent to which particular technology has extended to. Hence, to provide a thorough analysis and insights, PRISM IP develops customised search strategies by taking inputs from clients. Various kinds of reports are provided to the clients as per their own requirements.
  • Patent Proof Reading: Already drafted the patent? Need technical inputs, or need to check if it fits the formats? We are here to help. We proof read and provide our best inputs so that you do not lose on important aspects of the patent applications. Be it technically, or legally we provide our inputs and help you to place your application in best format jurisdiction wise to be filed. This is required so that you do not get lost in different acceptable formats in different countries. Also, drafting is a tiresome process, our third eye perspective will help you identify the typo mistakes within the application.
  • Patent Licensing Services: PRISM IP has especially created a dedicated team for proving these services to their clients. This team specialises in various projects that help our clients to monetise their assets. Ranging from infringer identification to Evidence of use charts, the Licensing team has the technical expertise acquired from industry experience to perform good in these projects.

For Trademarks

  • Trademark Searches: Assisted with the best in industry databases, our trademark analysts perform searches to suit the needs of our customers. Alongwith the searches we provide advice to our clients in order to maintain the file ability of their trademarks. We understand your trademarks are important to you hence, we take utmost care and give utmost importance to your trademarks. Search experience of over 10 years helps our clients move one step closer towards their trademark grants.

For Designs

  • Design Searches: Our design experts helps our clients to provide search results catered to their respective needs. We use paid databases covering various design databases to identify any hiccups if design filing requirements. With more than 300 hours of projects performed in this domain, we provide dedicated team members having best in the industry legal knowledge to help our clients with their design searches.
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